Grundfos PACO Double Suction Split Case Pumps - Horizontal and Vertically Mounted

The Grundfos PACO Double Suction Split Case Pumps are a single stage, non-self-priming, double suction centrifugal pump with radial suction and radial discharge port.

 The Grundfos PACO KP Horizontal split case pump is a single stage, non-self-priming, double suction centrifugal pump with adial suction and radial discharge port.

These pumps have a horizontal pump shaft with the impeller placed in the middle of the shaft and with self contained combination bearing housing and seal chamber on both sides of the impeller.
Without disturbing the motor or pipe-work, the split case construction enables the pump casing to be dismantled in the horizontal plane along the drive shaft. Removal and dismantling of the internal pump parts, e.g. bearings, wear rings; impeller and shaft seal can then take place. 
·         Flow rate: 60 to 15000 gpm, 60 Hz
·         Head: 15 to 700 ft
·         Motor: 1.5 – 600 kW
·         Flow rate: 10 – 4200 m3/h, 60 Hz
·         Head: 5 – 230 m, 60 Hz
·         Motor: 1 – 2000 hp
·         Horizontal Split Case, can be mounted vertically
·         Double suction
·         Low NPSH
·         Low axial and radial load on the shaft which extends seal and bearing life, minimizes vibration and provides quit operation 
·         Double volute
·         Overall higher efficiency
·         Easy service


The Grundfos PACO type KPV split case double suction centrifugal pumps are available in a wide selection of metallurgical and mechanical options to meet specific pumping requirements.

Pump casings are horizontally split at the shaft centerline to simplify inspections and maintenance. Double suction impellers are dynamically and hydraulically balanced and are available in bronze, cast iron, and other special alloys for specific applications.

Shafts are precision ground and cartridge type bearing housings allow a short bearing span for minimum shaft deflection. Oversized heavy duty ball bearings provide long, trouble-free service in continuous operations.
Sleeve bearing: product lubed graph alloy GM343.3 grade journal bearing is press fitted in journal bearing housing. Spiral grooves flush contaminates and particles with recirculation line.
Sleeve bearing housing: compact robust construction has 360-degree machined register fit.