Grundfos Hydro Multi-E - Booster set

The Hydro Multi-E pressure booster system from Grundfos is an innovative all variable speed boosting solution specially designed for building service applications.


The Hydro Multi-E booster system uses two to four identical Grundfos CRE pumps connected in parallel with a common suction and discharge manifold and all the necessary fittings.
The control of the Hydro Multi-E booster system is accomplished with a multi-pump controller card that is installed in pump #1 in the system. The installation of the multi-pump controller card in pump #1 of the system makes pump #1 the master pump and the remainder of the pumps act as slave pumps. This eliminates the need for a control panel and effectively produces an affordable option for pressure boosting applications.
Hydro Multi-E booster systems are supplied as complete, pre-assembled and thoroughly tested booster system, ready to install. The set point is easily adjusted via the Grundfos R100 remote control or from the buttons on pump #1. The advanced control takes care of other adjustments to maintain constant pressure and optimum comfort.
Hydro Multi-E is built on Grundfos CRE pumps, known for their extremely high efficiency and reliability. The speed-controlled motors provide unique control functionality, which increases the comfort of the user and decreases operating costs. High quality materials are used throughout.
·         High reliability and efficiency
·         Perfect adaptation to demand
·         Constant pressure
·         Small foot print
·         Simple to use
·         Turnkey booster set ready for installation - plug ‘n’ pump unit
·         Hygienic designed manifolds